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Together, we can share and support each other with honest stories of motherhood.

Hi, I’m Julie Barzman. The Mommy Codes was born out of a desire to share my knowledge, joys, and struggles along my journey in motherhood, and to provide a space for parents to build community and lift each other up. 

Leave behind the do's and don'ts of parenting.

The Mommy Codes introduces “mom life” codes throughout pregnancy and motherhood with a mission to bring more postpartum support, gentle parenting, traveling with children and exploring topics in a multi-cultural way and judgement free to help navigate motherhood as authentically as possible. 


3 Things That I Didn’t Know After Birth That No One Told Me About

In a world of technology where everyone is connected, I am surprised that there are still things that no one talks about. It wasn’t until after birth that I learned some important aspects of motherhood.


There’s something about trying to conceive after pregnancy loss, that if you step back, you realize that it’s the definition of Insanity.

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