PREGNANCY: 2nd Trimester: Whip my hair & embrace

Hello second trimester, hello energy and a bit of ME back!
First, thank you to Sparkling mama that helped me keep up with my morning sickness during the first trimester, I was finally able to put it on the side this time around and not rely too much on it anymore! Sparkling mama is this delicious ginger taste effervescent powder that you mix with your water, and it’s all natural, very important. When I had no more hope, I found their company and it really helped! plus watermelon and Pringles….the combination…yes that’s all I could actually keep down. so preggo ladies I RECOMMEND IT if you’re dealing with morning sickness.

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Once I entered the second trimester I really felt a relief on a lot of symptoms, somewhat gradually but it felt pretty instant. I still remember the day where I wasn’t too nauseous to even just scroll down on my phone or let alone able to enjoy a shower without having to rush to the toilet. That means I finally had a few better hair days!!!!!! hooorraaa! my man was probably so happy to witness my comeback!

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I was not as sensitive to smell anymore and emotionally, I honestly felt less….depressed! yes, first trimester I hit a rough patch where it was just really hard and sometimes, I wondered if I was even able to do this…which I know I’ll encounter these thoughts again, but to get through any of them feels good and is encouraging. So don’t worry Mommies to be…it’ll be ok! cry it out! it’ll feel good!
Especially when everything is heightened…your 10 minute regular cry as turned into a 30 minutes “can’t stop” roller coaster and your hubby is starring at you puzzled wondering as to why is it such a big deal that he took the last bite of your sandwich…oops…fellas…don’t…just don’t do it! save yourselves!

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The funny thing about the second trimester is I felt great, had ligaments pain here and there but otherwise I was GOOD. The only thing is, I had “not-feeling-so-well” attacks very quickly with barely any signs prior! I mean…a little “hey girl you’re about to barf your face off at farmer’s market” would’ve been nice…just as much as a “get ready…” you know, that would’ve been cool… NOPE..I wasn’t ready…neither were the people around me…and If I could’ve chased the three little high school brats that exclaimed “ewww” walking right by me as I was about to faint…believe I would’ve turned these Bs into virgins. Anyway, forgive and forget…insert angel face here*.

flower2 - PREGNANCY: 2nd Trimester: Whip my hair & embrace

Besides that, I felt like a cute baby bump rockstar, I had energy, I was excited to start looking pregnant and not just bloated from Mac and cheese.
I started getting my little outfits in a row and finding out who I am pregnant…! it’s fun and such a crazy thing to see your body change, your partner witnessing it, all because of a brand new life growing in your belly!

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I mean that’s nuts!!!! I didn’t feel him kick until at least 24 weeks, which for some is a little late…but my advice, don’t worry! I worried too much (update: when I read this post to my man, he looked at me and laughed…”UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE WHOLE BLOG POST! TELL THEM I SAID SO!” bahhaha so yeah, I’M DOWNPLAYING IT a bit…I was worried AF…so don’t do it!!! don’t be like me!) I was a little nervous to not feel him when everyone kept asking me if I was…and honestly there’s nothing more true than: Every pregnancies are different…so keep that in mind and if you’re pregnant, enjoy the hell out of it!
(if you wonder, I am writing this article at 32 weeks…which my next article will probably “smell” a little less like flowers, but I still wouldn’t change a thing, and do it again….I mean we’ll talk after labor…but so far that’s what I stand by)

Take this time to embrace everything about pregnancy, get some cute outfits, share your news, show your bump & have fun!

Feeling great, lots of energy, less cravings, feeling like me.


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