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Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’ve created this platform to share a little bit about me, motherhood and what it is teaching me every day. 


My name is Julie. I was born and raised in France, in Nîmes and grew up in Saint-Topez,.”Do you do you Saint-Tropez?” If you recognize this, you probably know Brigitte Bardot who discovered my beloved hometown. I traveled a ton with my parents growing up, mainly because my father is a film director and we had to jump around multiple countries wherever his next movie would take us.

In result, I was homeschooled for quite some time, which brought on a strong love for traveling, different cultures and acting. I eventually moved to Los Angeles at 18 years old. I had attachments to this city after living there with my mother for two years when I was 8. Nevertheless, the desire of coming back one day was very strong and that’s exactly what I did!

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Throughout the years, I did a little modeling, acting, bartending and alot of soul searching, especially after my mother passing in 2013. After some deep healing, I met my fiancé, Kyle, he runs a non-profit cancer foundation called Rhonda’s Kiss named after his mother who passed away from Pancreatic cancer. We both found each other at a time we needed the most, through growth, ups&downs and adventures, we now have a son Oliver and we are expecting our second child May 2021. That is all about me, but you can connect with me on Instagram to find out more about me.

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The Mommy Codes introduces “Mom life” Codes throughout Pregnancy and Motherhood with a mission to bring more Postpartum support, Gentle parenting, Traveling with children and explore topics in a multi-culural way and judgement free to help navigate motherhood as authentically as possible.

Helping moms grow into their intuitive parenting shutting down the noise of the do’s and don’ts. Taking what works for YOU and leaving behind the Fluff!

I am hoping to grow this blog to create a community that feels supportive, fun, laid back and joyful. Podcast and facebook group are coming soon so YOU can connect with other parents too!

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I hope you enjoy this blog!

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