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Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’ve created this platform to share a little bit about me, motherhood and what my baby is teaching me every day. 


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My name is Julie, everyone has always called me Jules which is pronounced “Jewels.”

I was born and raised in France, I was born in Nîmes and grew up in Saint-Topez, a beautiful place to grow up and yet so bizarre. “Do you do you Saint-Tropez?” If you recognize this, you probably know Brigitte Bardot who discovered my beloved hometown. I traveled a ton with my parents growing up, from India to Guadeloupe to Cancún as my father was and is still a film director and I was lucky enough to go on his movie sets and I loved it. I was homeschooled for a little while and then came my love for traveling, different cultures and acting. 

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My mother who was an epic force of nature, strongest woman I know with such class and knowledge; she was a living dictionary, wanted me to learn English and thought it was a must. She was right. So we moved to Los Angeles, I went to Lycée Français de Los Angeles and it was all a dream. Sadly, after two years we had to move back to France and that was very hard on me. That is when my mom picked Saint-Tropez and wouldn’t have it any other way because she was fancy like that. She passed away 4 years ago and is now with my brother whom I lost as well when I was younger. They are together. Having a son today, I can say that it is all that matters.

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Needless to say Saint-Tropez made me a little rebellious and very ambitious in the idea of moving back to Los Angeles. When I turned 18, I packed my bags and came over to LAlaLAND. It will now almost be 12 years that I have managed staying in this crazy town. 

Throughout the years, I did a little modeling, acting, dancing, bartending and a lot of soul searching. Anyone who’s moved to Los Angeles, most likely has gotten their life ripped apart more than once.

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A little more than two years ago, I met my love Kyle on a movie set and I was playing his wife. It was just around Halloween. He then proceeded by asking me to watch Hocus Pocus with him and I guess one of us put a spell on the other. Which one? you’ll never know *wink*  

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He was and is still working on Rhonda’s Kiss which is a foundation that him and his father put together to helps cancer patients pay for treatment and other holistic approach to fight this terrible disease. Kyle’s mother, Rhonda passed away three years ago of pancreatic cancer and he keeps her alive through helping others and families with this battle. We definitely were able to relate to each other having both lost a parent and I realized how much of a remarkable human being he was by taking a tragedy like this and tuning it into a positive.

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 Then came Oliver Kingsley, our little monkey man, little patootsi, little Boops. He has so many nicknames, we hope he’ll eventually know his real name. 

Certainly, my life has completely changed and shifted into things I hadn’t even imagine or even thought to comprehend. It has been such an amazing and yet hard process to learn how to be a new mom. I realized how lonely it can get and that sharing what I’m learning, my joys and my struggles is important to me. If I can even help one person, that’s very rewarding to me.

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I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to say hi!


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