Being a mom is hard, we all figured that out by now, but being an Autism mom is even harder. I felt like it’s something that I wasn’t educated enough on and wanted to support Jormari who is our guest mom blogger for this post!

She recently found out her daughter was autistic and started her blogging journey to shed light on the subject, find support but also offer her help to families who might be going through the same thing.


She has a positive and fierceness to her that is inspiring. She is dedicated to do everything she can for her daughter, and frankly it’s beautiful. It’s something that every parent might fear or not know how to deal with if they’re in that situation. I really wanted to get to know her so I had a couple questions for her that she answered for us! It made me realize how parenting has so many layers and we all have a different story. The beauty with her is that she found a “calling” to help others but most importantly a strength to only go up from here.

you can visit her blog for many more stories and getting to know what her life is like. She will SO appreciate the support. Click here!


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jormari best known as “Nany” . I am a 24 year old mom to a 2 year old beautiful & perfect little girl & I am also a wife to an amazing guy! I have been married for 4 years now, I personally love the married life. In the beginning when people hear you are getting married they freak out and worry so much like if marriage is the end of the WORLD! Marriage is honestly a beautiful thing, especially when you have the right man by your side. Something else you should know about me is that I am a believer of Jesus!! I am unashamed to say it & represented where ever I go. God has been nothing but good to me.

Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging because I want to be an inspiration to all the moms out there, & especially my special need moms.

How did you find out your daughter was autistic? 

When she was 6 months I was noticing some rare things in her. For example she was always serious not smiling as much as other babies. Of course at the moment I thought that was just who she was. Then at 18 months her pediatrician mentioned some concerns about her development. It all started around that time. We got her on Early Intervention. She’s been with them for 7 months now. They are great. We got the actually diagnosis on October 11,2018 she is now 2 years old.


From “diagnosis” to going home, have you felt supported and offered options  to go through this with reassurance? 

Yes, i have felt very supported especially by family & close friends. 

What is your biggest daily challenge? What is your biggest daily joy?

My daily challenge with my ASD daughter is her sleeping routine it is very challenging. She’s been having sleeping problems. I recently found out from doing my research that 40-80% of ASD children have sleeping issues. My biggest joy is seeing her grow & make progress.

What advice or support would you offer another mom and families going through this?

My advice to families who are going through this process, is to just take it one day at a time & know that some days will be better than others. Just stay encouraged & honestly surround yourself with positive people I call that “Good Vibes”. Also make sure you are educating yourself & remember you are your child’s best advocate!  

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Do you think society is educated on the subject? What would be the biggest misconception you’d like to talk about?

My honest opinion, I don’t think everyone is educated on this subject. It actually scares me to have my daughter in public because some people can be so ignorant & cruel it breaks my heart.

Do you have any financial support from insurance or any type of ressources that the government may offer to help you through this? If not, what do you think should be more accessible to families and offered

-Yes we do have support through secondary insurance. We also qualify for SSI (Social Security) we are currently in the process of getting that help.

IMG 9322B300A98A 1 300x533 - AUTISM: GUEST MOM OPENS UP

Can Autism be “cured”? 

I don’t think Autism can be cured, but as a christian woman I do believe that God can heal us for sure I am a witness of that.I am thankful that I caught it early so my daughter can definitely make progress with all her therapies.

what is your plan to help your daughter and your family to go through this as far as therapies and such? What would you recommend other families that has been very helpful for you? 

We are getting through this little by little & like I said one day at a time. My daughter is receiving speech therapy & occupational therapy through Early Intervention. That’s the best thing I can recommend the families that are going through this rough process because I know it’s not easy. I have to say that has been very helpful for us.

What have you learned about yourself? 

-I have learned so much about myself, but the main thing that I’ve learn is that I did not know how strong I was until being strong is really my only choice. 


What are your recommendations on books, blogs or information that you’ve found useful that you’d like to share? 

I have been reading this book called “Could it be Autism?” I personally love it, I can relate so much to it. 

I’m going to link down below one of my favorite blogs of a boy with Autism.


For more info check out her blog! you can also follow her on Instagram @elianasmom_








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