Invitation cards: From baby woodland theme to gender neutral, Bring your party to life.

One thing no one told me is that once I became pregnant and a mom, I was also turning into a party planner. it can definitely get overwhelming, right? So as I’m preparing for Oliver’s first birthday and reminiscing on my amazing baby shower, I figure I’d talk to you about the first step I think is really important for your party: Invitation cards.

Cards are the first thing your guests will see, they are the first thing that you get to create to bring your party theme to life. It’s the moment where you’re inviting your friends & family to share something special. I’m very Old school when it comes to invites, holiday cards, announcements…I like them printed on paper and sent through the mail! One of my favorite things to do is to check the mail! I’m not kidding…I mean doesn’t it make you so happy to receive an invitation, thank you card, heart warming card?

I came along this website, Basic Invite, it’s honestly amazing. Their cards are so “chic” & “romantic.” I feel like it’s not easy to browse the internet and find a trusted company that can really give you tons of options and do as promised. You can even talk to them live if you have any questions as you’re making your card!

My baby shower was so important to me, I was celebrating the arrival of our little peanut and I remember it taking me forever to pick a card! I love the designs that Basic Invite offers and so many options. Their woodland theme is so cute and they also have gender neutral cards which is not always an option with some different companies if you don’t want to find out or reveal the gender.

Click here to see more in woodland theme.

Click here to see more in Gender neutral.



Well, 180 colors that is! The thing that blew my mind even more, is that not only you can change the card’s color but you can also change ANY ELEMENT on the card. So let’s say you have two little bottles of milk popping on your baby shower invitation; You can change the color of the milk, the bottle, the nipples, bottle outlines, any words……I’ve actually never seen that before! it gives you an amazing creative freedom.


If you’re not sure about your invitation, this website lets you get a sample! Something else I’ve never seen on other websites. How many times did you pray for your card to arrive exactly how you pictured it? That’s why I really love this feature, you can be in control and rest assure you will have help to change any details.


Envelopes don’t have to be basic! You can actually pick over 40 colors for your envelope and really “put on a show” with your card. Oh! and for the busy moms out there or moms to be that don’t want to lick toxic envelopes… they’re peel & seal. phew!


I love Foil! It really adds that “wow” effect.  You can choose between gold, silver, or my ultimate favorite rose gold. Also, Flat or raised foil.



This one is like “yaasss queen” for me. I’m so bad at keeping up with addresses and I find it stressful to have an address book laying around the house. Let alone it’s rude to keep asking for someone’s address for every occasion. So this feature allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request your friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in your account and can then be selected during any design process for every occasion! how cool is that? It’s also free to print addresses on all Christmas cards! Which they have a very cute selection for holiday cards as well! Click here to see them!


Once I have my invitations sent out, I always feel ready to move along and pick decorations, a cake & more. It’s always really fun when you get feedback from your guests after they opened your card! It was definitely a memorable one for my baby shower and I can’t wait to share Oliver’s birthday on the blog in a couple weeks!

Also, Basic Invite has 15% right now on their website with code: 15FF51 

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