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Strong Feelings Toward Your Partner

Have you experienced feelings of anger, perhaps even rage, or to some level not liking your partner very much during some stages of pregnancy/postpartum? Well, I’m here to tell you that most of us have experienced it and don’t talk about it because we may think it’s “crazy” or “mean” or that something is wrong with us. 

why i cancelled my tummy tuck
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I Cancelled My “Non Invasive” Lipo Appointment

I was going to get "non-invasive" lipo suction and here's why I cancelled. I’ve dreamt of this procedure, “non invasive” “freckle size scars” since I’ve been pregnant with Blake. I think every new mom has this contemplating plan to pamper ourselves with a little “mommy makeover”. After losing my little Blake and getting pregnan[...]

The Thing With Grief…

The thing with grief is that it electrifies you. It causes everything in front of you to pause, like a slideshow that slows down, all of the details that have been in plain sight the entire time but have been ignored, suddenly become clear to you. You get a taste of reality through grief and while you are experiencing this brand-new world that has alw[...]