Mother’s Day quick and elegant make up tutorial

Mom life! While my baby was sleeping and we had an event to go to, I figured I’d do a little make up video tutorial for you guys!

Some of you messaged me saying that you really enjoyed my little snaps about make up and beauty products and would like to see more of it! Your feedback means so much to me! It’s really awesome!

I hope you life this video! This is my first time doing it so it’s not at its best, but I’ll learn to get better at it! I will list all the products I used on this page as well!


signature - Mother's Day quick and elegant make up tutorial

Here are the products I’m using!

As far as contouring, I USED kkw Beauty but you can achieve a similar look with the nars and nix together. For the brows and eye shadow, that palette is so old I can’t even tell what brand it is! lol but I recommended Anastasia instead as it is amazing!


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