My favorite baby companies

There’s a lot of baby products out there! Here’s a list of the growing adorable companies that stole mine and Oliver’s heart. 


If you’re pregnant and your morning sickness is as bad as mine was………..This is for you! I remember coming across Tami’s product at the start of her company like “AH HA!” She was so kind and helpful. I was literally crumbling with extreme, paralyzing morning sickness and her all natural product brought much relief


I loved babylist for my registry! As someone who makes a lot of research and want different things from different places, this was perfect! You can add what you want for your baby from anywhere all over the web! you want to give a chance to little shops? Now, you can! Not to mention with Baby r’ us saying bye bye , which is so sad, a lot of parents are in need of a new place to register! Babylist also has their own store and helpful reviews on popular items! like these!


Project nursery has the perfect name! I came across their company on instragram through their beautiful, envious nursery pictures! it will definitely motivate you to make your bambino’s room unique! They have really really adorable stuff and uncommon too! Here are a few of my favorites and while browsing, I add to that get shirt for myself! haha!


This little online store is a gem! From Canada with the cutest, hip clothes and more for babies! I got so many outfits for Oliver and ordered their baby sleep oil twice now! I swear by it and you’ve probably seen me talk about it on my snaps! Here are some of my favs!


If you live in LA, this little boutique in Los Feliz is to die for, you can also order online! the selection is going to melt your heart! some things are designed by the owner herself, Celine, who loves to meet smiling babies! While others are picked out by her spending lots of time choosing the cutest stuff on the market! Here are some of my favs and you’ve probably seen Oliver wearing a few items on my snaps!


If you are breastfeeding and struggling to keep your milk supply up, this is for you! they saved me and I have spoken about them as well and showed some cool results! I absolutely loved their products! their fun and easy to pick for your needs and all natural! some are made for colicky babies or even to make your milk more nutritional!!!! They changed my supply if a few days! here are the ones I was using, switching here and there. My favorites were pump princess and cash cow, but we’re all different! so check them out!








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