PREGNANCY, 1ST TRIMESTER: Blessings and little disasters

It was very interesting to me, after uploading 5 pregnancy apps after finding out I was pregnant, yes that’s the first thing I did (in case I’d miss any super, vital important details on the complexity of making a human) that for some women the first trimester was their worst.
I thought to myself, “oh come on! how can a little peanut make it so bad”

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The day I found out, I was eating a salad and playing Mario kart. I had just gotten back from my first cryotherapy and couldn’t shake my exhausted, foggy self.
As Peach was ruining my life (I only play Peache’s character, Queen attitude ya’ll) I was waiting for my digital test to give me an answer, which BTW takes a little too much time when you need an answer ASSAAPP. Some will just say I’m being a drama queen, and I’ll just flip my hair.
Anyway, I zoned out and when I looked down that’s when I saw it. The nicely, unoffensive word “Pregnant.” Clearly, Clear Blue is clear on making you feel some type of way. All I remember is my salad flying and Peach driving into a wall. GAME OVER…I mean GAME ON!

In about two weeks, my life turned into the toilet and I…Me and the toilet type of deal. I couldn’t even keep water down. I never threw up that much in my entire life and it basically lasted for 15 weeks…15 freaking weeks. I feel terrible for women who have morning sickness longer or throughout their whole pregnancy (which is rare)…I also wrote a post about how I handled morning sickness, click here to read!

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I actually spoke to more women out there who didn’t have morning sickness. So basically don’t worry. I was informed that if you had a hard time with the pill, chances are you might have morning sickness because of your sensitivity to hormones.

The first trimester is actually the biggest (pardon my French) mind fuck, they tell you that you shouldn’t tell anyone for at least three months about your life changing news. In the meantime you’re becoming this strange creature, your hormones are more dynamic than a Daft Punk concert and you’re close to getting a 5150  as you slowly look like you hit the buffet a little too hard.


it was actually very challenging for me and I didn’t want to open up about my pregnancy because I was so sick and that I was ready to punch you in the face if you looked at me with your perfect put-together-grin and said “congratulations”, I did isolate myself and it didn’t make it easier. I also waited about three months to talk about my pregnancy, I told the closest people to me but it was still very surreal.
Either way, pregnancy can get very overwhelming with the DO’S and DON’TS and I think that you should design certain aspect of your pregnancy to your own comfort.

flower2 - PREGNANCY, 1ST TRIMESTER: Blessings and little disasters

The first trimester is the time to grasp, inform & be kind with yourself, rest, get your prenatal vitamins, be thankful to have the chance to create life! and I got ready to feel sooo much better on my second trimester! party time!

if you’re pregnant of only a few weeks, don’t drink a whole bottle of water before a test (it could come up as negative like my second test did and If I knew that I would’ve avoided a crazy emotional roller coaster, because your hormones are not enough present in your body. If you can wait to do a test in the morning, it’s better.

my breast was painful! I felt bloated and a little swollen. really foggy and so tired. I was hungry but not to my full potential YET; I would need food right away if I did get hungry and it really helped if I didn’t let myself get hungry because my morning sickness would feel worse.

Baby center very informative, keeps going even after birth.
Ovia pregnancy, you can check medication and food safety.
Pregnancy + , add your belly pics and more.


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