PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, “you’re about to pop!”

Oh, the third…final…trimester…how I don’t miss you, well maybe a little, I miss your tiny feet wiggling inside of my tummy but I’m finally writing this post staring at your itty face sleeping on my breastfeeding pillow, which by the way is a must have! click here for all my baby must haves!

the reason why I’m so late on this is A) I was so hormonal…there was no “blogging” for me to tell you how miserable I was and you’re honestly in luck that I didn’t put you through that. B) I’ve literally had no time since he’s been born…but right now he’s in a milk coma, so typing with one hand is becoming a thing! sorry, rephrase that- everything with one hand is a thing…

flower2 - PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, "you're about to pop!"

My Third trimester, picture a whale sitting around and getting bigger by the day…everything was so intense, raw and exhausting. my morning sickness had come back and I had epically failed quite a few times to not throw up in public…guess what? you only come out of it stronger! I had gotten so big, I kept getting the very insensitive question “are you having twins?” or my favorite was “wow…you’re ready to pop!” when I still had a good way to go! and the winner was “he’s going to be a really big baby!”…I mean who says these things? hasn’t it crossed one’s mind that it’s completely inappropriate and perhaps hurtful? pregnant women don’t want to hear that! they really don’t…it’s hard enough to lose yourself, your body and grow uncontrollably to what you think your baby has challenged you “how big can get mommy? woohoo” my point is “when are you due?”and “how are you feeling?” will do just fine! you can acknowledge a woman’s pregnancy and if she’s not, oops, then take away that burrito out of her mouth! –no lady, no!

IMG 1151 e1562790325785 1440x1920 - PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, "you're about to pop!"
flower2 - PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, "you're about to pop!"

My third trimester was defined by impatience, tiredness, heaviness, nesting maniac, hormozilla and a lot of peeing. He had dropped pretty early on,which was causing a lot of back pain and a peeing frenzy that blew my mind! Everyday I’d take a bath for immense relief and talk to him, being so impatient to meet him and meditate on my labor and reassuring myself that I was strong enough, that him and I will get through it, he’ll come out happy as a clam, healthy, singing “La Marseillaise” (he is half French) and without hurting mommy. I would look around me and couldn’t believe that on that mysterious day, the day that would change my life forever, he’ll be here. What an insane concept, life! it’s really beautiful I tell ya! 🙂

flower2 - PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, "you're about to pop!"

My biggest advice, the one that I received a lot, is sleep if you can…rest…it is difficult to get comfortable and I had to wake up every two hours to pee which honestly prepares you for what is to come once baby is here!
Sure you want to get everything ready, and I was an absolute witch when it came to that, I had to get everything DONE! it brought me some relief and some sanity even though it seemed like complete craziness, so make sure you get some help, explain that you need that to happen for your new forever role as a mother and enjoy all the other little things. Pregnancy is a funny, insane, emotional, loving, painful, exciting experience!

it was not until the last week that I had insane energy! they call it “restless legs” which is a sign that baby is coming! The day that I went into labor, I actually felt like I had drank 10 cups of coffee! and it was the day that I had finally finished the nursery and snapped a picture for my Instagram…but sit tight, as requested by many, I will write about my labor in the next post coming up and hopefully a momma out there can feel better about hers coming! it helped me so much reading about other mothers experience 🙂

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Now that I look back, and that I see the little angel face in front of me, I realize how it wasn’t as bad as I thought It was…or maybe I simply already forgot, cause that’s just easier too. Whatever people tell you, “it’s all so worth it” is the absolute truth…there’s nothing more true, valid and real than that statement when you stare in your little miracle’s eyes and he holds onto your finger.

flower2 - PREGNANCY: 3rd Trimester, "you're about to pop!"

I look at my stretch marks, and they’re the evidence he had grown into a healthy baby. I look at my uneven breast and it’s a sign he’s eating all the good milk my body is miraculously producing for him. I look at my kangaroo pouch and I reminisce him being exactly right there sitting and waiting to be in my arms. I look at the extra 60 lbs I gained on the scale and well….drop mic, I got nothing for you on that one…giggles…and yes, it’s still all worth it <3

Rest, nest & rest. walk as much as you can. Prepare for the arrival. Enjoy your belly. Visualize your ideal birth. Trust your body. Learn about labor and breastfeeding or formula. Look for recommendations for a pediatrician.

Hormonal, huge, tired, determined, motivated, cravings, uncomfortable, nesting mood, super energized the day of labor.


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