How I dealt with morning sickness

Morning sickness is not fun and a lot of you have recently asked me for advice and how to get through it. I hope this post will help.

Morning sickness is one of those things that can happen and it was probably one of the hardest part of my pregnancy, although I actually ended up getting used to it at some point. My doctor kept saying “you’re pregnant! congratulations!” I eventually started adopting that mentality; Everytime I threw up, I imagined my little self padding my shoulder and saying “yup! you’re pregnant! be happy.”

I was nauseous very early on and ended up throwing up 12 times a day over 15 weeks. I had little episodes of “malaise” at my second trimester that consisted of me feeling a fainty feeling and throwing up before I even knew it was coming and some nausea at my third trimester. It’s common for morning sickness to come back at the third trimester if the first trimester was quite intense.

What I learned is that it’s not always in the morning even though it’s called morning sickness and it’s usually at the same time during the day but can also change over time on when it’ll hit. Some women have just really strong nausea with no vomiting.

The thing is that morning sickness is one the first signs of pregnancy, so while your body doesn’t show at all…that’s not how it feels inside of you! I really struggled with my daily routine. I sometimes couldn’t even respond or talk because I was so nauseous and any vibrations in my body would make me throw up. It was really challenging to go through such radical changes in my daily life for me and especially for Kyle. He saw me look the same but act completely differently in no time. I realized what people with Chronic pain probably go through as far as with the world around them, they often don’t look like they’re dealing with pain but inside they’re actually struggling.

There was a period of time where I didn’t even want to talk about being pregnant because I was so miserable. There were moments where I questioned if I could really do this. Now that I look back, I’m thankful…nature prepares you the way it needs to prepare you. These stages were necessary to make me strong.


Some foods or combinations of certain foods can really help. It’s a matter of finding which one and listening to your body. Carbs were my best friend. Anything like salads or “liquidy” foods came right out in about 15 minutes. At least pasta or bread gave me a two hour grace period. I couldn’t even bare the thought of eating any type of cakes or pizza. Oliver must’ve not liked it! haha

Watermelon was my best friend so I could stay hydrated. Water was difficult to drink, I mean I’m sure you’ve gotten food poisoned before and the last thing you want is chug water.    (Watermelon has great properties for healing the uterus after giving birth so you don’t want to go to crazy on it while pregnant.)

Crackers & ginger ale. Pringles to be exact helped a lot (I know it’s odd but seriously thanks to Kyle who loves them I was able to munch on something)

I stayed away for anything that had a strong smell…and some things that didn’t bother you before could a lot of a sudden be a deal breaker. Corn and fish were like a huge no-no and I love fish!!!! I’d literally throw up in an instant from the smell of it.

Also, anyone’s scent made me nauseous, it’s weird and difficult to approach that sometimes, by the second trimester it gets better. Meanwhile you just have to pray that someone doesn’t wear a crazy strong cologne around you.



Pink stork is said to be great to find natural relief.I didn’t know about it while pregnant and would definitely use it if I have to.  click here.

and I also used Sparkling mama that helped me a lot 

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It’s really up to you. I eventually towards the 12th-13th week decided to take zofran. I really wanted to hang tight and stay organic but I literally couldn’t do it anymore. 12 times a day throwing up had become a nightmare. Flying was excruciating and my anxiety level of feeling stuck in a plane and possibly not make it on time to the bathroom was like “enough is enough.” It reduced my vomiting but didn’t stop it. Which was fine. I just needed a little break and that’s ok!!!!



You’re pregnant, it’s part of it. What’s not part of it is you comparing yourself. Some pregnant women have no morning sickness and easy pregnancies, some don’t. Find someone to relate and don’t let anyone make you feel not understood or unsupported. Morning sickness is very hard and is like a silent phase of pregnancy which makes it harder for people to understand what you’re going through. You’re not alone! people don’t post their picture lying by the toilet because you can’t move and perhaps they should to shed a little light about the natural difficulties of pregnancy. I spoke about it a lot and eventually had no shame either. It is what it is!

You think it’ll never end but one morning it’ll be gone and then less throughout the day and then gone altogether. You have to prep your mind that it’s not “curable” like food poisoning. I think that’s something that tricked my mind the most which is you’re not prepared for it to come back every few hours. You have to ride the wave, relax and get a lot of rest. Turn to fellow mothers who’s done it before, it helps a lot to communicate! think of whats to come and the rewards…I look at Oliver and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.



– I Threw up at the farmers market in Los Angeles right by the fish market and three teenage girls walked by me and said “ewww.”

-I opened the fridge which had a open can of corn and threw up right in front of it.

– Kyle and I had to run back home from grocery shopping so I could make it on time to the toilet and missed it by a few inches

-Kyle used to hold my hair until it became so much that we both agreed that I had to Beyonce it up, pull my own hair up and be like ” I got this.”


hope this helps!




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