Top 10 google search of a pregnant woman

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Google has been a best friend to a lot of us, I mean no wonder the FBI looks into people’s google search when they’re working on cases; reveals a lot about you! Imagine what a pregnant woman is possibly researching and that I’m sure you’ve looked up yourself if you’re pregnant or are pregnant. The thing is, don’t trust everything google says. The second thing is, it shows how you’re not the only one with some embarrassing questions and just that will make you feel more human.

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1.Pregnancy Symptoms

For every week and days, we have to make sure that we have ongoing, healthy symptoms or even in the case of checking if you’re pregnant…! What does that actually feel like? sore breast? ..nauseous? …craving pickles? .. uh oh!

2.Symptoms that stops

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of a lot of symptoms that are told to be good and some to be bad. So when one stops, we wonder why? like morning sickness…we’re over it but we’re also excessively wondering why it stops. Looking up all of those and making sure you’re on track is something I even looked up every day…exhausting I tell you…!


Like that one time you wondered what your first discharge was, now it’s on a whole other level. It’s life and you need to know these things…just ask your doc! no shame! you’re human!

4.Labor pains

like how does it actually hurt? I’ve researched, watched vlogs, read blogs, asked moms…I mean whatever I could get my hands on to know what the hell I was going to go through. Did it help? maybe a little…but it’s also a little sicko at the same time…

5.Can I take….(meds)

DAY 1 I found out I was pregnant, I researched if I could drink a green juice. I mean my head was hurting at all the do’s and don’ts…imagine when you research medication or supplements…phew! ask your doc or get Ovia pregnancy app which has a whole database for food & meds that you have access to in seconds…When in doubt! moving

When is baby moving? is it really baby moving? baby moving feeling like a fart? (am I right?? the first few times…) I actually looked that up and I’m laughing at myself right now, but come on…haven’t you?

7. Size of the baby

Luckily now we have numerous apps that goes through your pregnancy and tells you if you’re baby is the size of a peach or a squirrel….Thumbs up!

8.Will my boobs go down?

yup…! like down….*insert deflation sound* K, bye.


Oh man….listen….did I research….and nowhere did it say that you can have little squirmy, uninvited contractions during your main contraction…Like, I’m setting my timer and there’s a small little one just popping up…! where do I count from there? what does it all mean? – My girlfriend in France who was luckily up reassured me it was normal and to count time apart from the big ones only….Cool! that’s good to know! phew!

10. Divorce during pregnancy

hahahahaha……how about divorce while breastfeeding while your baby daddy is snoring next to you….? is that researched? – just blame it on your hormones. Promise.

OverProject 2 - Top 10 google search of a pregnant woman

In all seriousness, this is why I write a blog…for these questions…these moments…these life changes. Without knowing these things or guidance, it’s really hard to know what’s going on. Never be ashamed, trust your body, allow yourself to be as close to your human side as you’ve ever been! You’re creating life. it’s freaking beautiful!

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    I am glad that I found this article well documented and very informative.

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