Toddler in vail alert: What to bring

We had our second annual family ski trip with Kyle’s fam! this time around we went to vail! if you want to read up about our first ski trip ever with Ollie to Aspen, how it went & what we brought: click here.

A lot of you messaged me about your own upcoming ski trips! it’s so exciting! I gathered links of what we took with us for this trip! Without Ollie’s nana, I would’ve never known what to take or where to find…I hope this helps some of you! Also if you want to read up about how to travel with your baby/toddler: click here.

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One thing I planned in my suitcase were extra pairs of everything in case he gets wet or dirty and extra warm pants and sweaters but also thinner ones to layer.

  1. COATS

I was extra worried about the whole coat game! this coat is great, super good quality. If you’re looking for an affordable, legit coat- this is top list. Waterproof, layered, warm, windproof… It was a size 2T which was a little big but Oliver is also a Shrimp. So we ended up switching from his gap fury coat and this one. His gap one is out of stock but here’s different options for you guys! click on image for website!


These were great! Oliver got one size up…we thought that maybe it would be too big but it worked great with socks and snowsuit and layers.


we didn’t bring any and I wish we had! these are from the same website than the coat! They also have some for girls!


So so glad we got one of those for the days up in the mountain but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find! here’s an adorable one from a trusted brand : the north face. I couldn’t find our which was also a genius present from his nana and personalized! if I ever do, I will update this! for now Click here!


Here’s the great affordable, light weight, waterproof snowsuit that Ollie was wearing! super affordable. Here’s also options from Patagonia for younger girls or younger babies. The website where Ollie comes from has great options but not a lot of sizes left…


Brought this one with everywhere that has a little colder temp! love this thing and will always have this in his closet. The blue Patagonia one he has was from a gift from Kyle’s cousin at Ollie’s baby shower!!!!



We didn’t have anything to protect his eyes against the snow or wind and if you have some weather it can a little brutal! Thank goodness his auntie saved the day with a genius idea, baby sunglasses! if you’re kid is going to ski, you’ll also need goggles and a helmet! we haven’t gotten to that point and I’m not sure what to recommend for that…but getting someone to guide you & try on for a helmet to make sure your kid is safe would be my step #1

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That’s it guys! those are the main things I was relieved and put in use! other than that, of course, sweaters & long sleeves and all that good stuff! I also recommend bringing sunscreen for you and your LO!!


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