What to get your pregnant lady

There’s a serious baby boom! or is it just me?

not just me…I’m sure you feel the same way! I figured with Christmas coming and all these mamas to be, it would be fun to do a present list for the preggers girls out there because they need extra love!

here’s a few of my favorite things that would’ve made me a happy mama bear:


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It’s undeniable that when you’re pregnant your skin goes through a lot! Body oils and creams are a must throughout pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite products:

loved this one! I used it everyday with the oil as a hydrating duo

this one was especially amazing for my legs towards the secondhand last trimester.


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There are tons of cute maternity clothes out there now! H&M or pea in the pod as great options! The sizing usually works by your usual size and how many months pregnant you are. 4months is when I started showing so I would’ve been really happy with some extra fashion items for my bump 🙂


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This a really nice thoughtful present! something to remember forever…Click here for my photographer that I recommend in LA.

Alissa Noelle Photography
Alissa Noelle Photography


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We all heard the stories of the SO losing their mind over the pregnancy pillow….well that’s because it’s hard to deny to need for them when you’re pregnant. I loved mine…! it helped so much at night…especially towards the end…it was just so hard to lay on my side without it since we can’t lay flat on our backs.


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loved these books and Kyle really enjoyed the Dude, you’re gonna be a dad! he really learned so much from it that I didn’t have to explain.



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